Are you a producer, retailer, airline, hotel or restaurant group looking for a service provider with import capability, business licenses, labeling compliance solution, local delivery and temperature controlled warehouse in Hong Kong? For constant stock availability, prompt delivery and or direct purchases by Hong Kong customers from producers, we can manage the full supply chain including local back office functions and collection of receivables

We serve all distribution channels in Hong Kong and maintain long term customer relations as well as listings.

Our own online store selection-hermann-hofmann.com mainly for wine provides producers instant access to be globally seen and to be available in Hong Kong.

Working with Oracle Netsuite The #1 Cloud ERP Software Suite, enables a client-oriented cooperation and real time transparency, including online vendor managed inventories, if required.
E-Commerce / IT

We have been using cloud computing since 2003. We use Oracle Netsuite which is scalable for fast growth, cost efficiency and with real-time access to data, anywhere, anytime. We have developed a unique platform for hosting web shops and not less for the traditional import and wholesale distribution functions, integrating all components from CRM, accounting, logistics, inventory through to marketing and e-commerce.

We source and develop new products including private labels or direct imports from producers for leading retailers, restaurant groups and distributors in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Philippines. Hermann Hofmann, owner of Advantage, has been serving consumer goods and luxury goods industry creating and launching hundreds of products and many household names today available in Asia.


Our marketing benefits from own online store selection-hermann-hofmann.com and embraces social media. We manage off and online brand building, sales generating campaigns, traffic growth , email & messengers marketing, up to web analytics. Our pool of promoter team regularly supports retail customers in their promotions for our supplied products. We host regular in house and tasting events at various venues in town, combined with offered education programs we increase the consumer base.